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LAF Opening party

29.09.2023. 21.00–23.59
Koncertzāle "Lielais dzintars", 2. stāva galerija (Radio iela 8, Liepāja)

Everything in this world has its own beauty, you just need the desire to see it. Just as all birds sing beautifully, all people are unique and valuable. At the opening party of Liepāja Art Forum, dreamlike and peculiarly gorgeous beings will create a unique atmosphere in which each character is an important part in creating the overall magic. We invite you to let your imagination run wild and freely dance your most beautiful self to the finest electronic music.

The visitors will be excited and surprised by unique DJ sets from well-known producer and DJ Ksenia Kamikaza, audio and visual artist Śūnyatā and techno priestess DJ Orthodox.

Dress code: the most beautiful self you can imagine - let your fantasy run wild!


Visitors will be welcomed with delicious refreshments by the "Kokmuiža" brand.

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