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75th anniversary concert of Jēkabs Ozoliņš

05.12.2020. 18.00–19.20
Koncertzāle "Lielais dzintars", Lielā zāle (Radio iela 8, Liepāja)

On December 5th, the concert hall Great Amber will host the 75th birthday celebration of one of the most legendary musicians of Liepāja – composer and arranger Jēkabs Ozoliņš, who has made a great contribution to the development of the city’s rock music scene. Together with Liepāja Symphony Orchestra, Liepaja Music Orchestra and beloved local musicians, the concert will feature a program by the man of the hour and his stage partners, with popular tunes, jazz music, big band classics and modern arrangements. The audience will be moved by Latin rhythms, the most delightful tunes of Quincy Jones, and playful orchestra pieces. The charming singer Aija Vītoliņa, Liepāja city natives Igo and Ieva Dreimane, guitarist Aivars Hermanis, and many other prominent musicians will appear on stage, performing solo pieces of their own choosing.

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