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Amber in Focus

18.10.2020. 10.00–18.00
Liepājas muzeja filiāle "Liepāja okupāciju režīmos" (K. Ukstiņa iela 7/9, Liepāja)

Amber with the sunlight hidden in it, is still one of the most beautiful natural resources of Latvia, which we find on the shores of the Baltic Sea. Amber jewelry was and still is a peculiar testimony to Latvian identity and taste. Jewelry made of amber experienced  great popularity as a fashion accessory in the second half of the 20th century.

During the Soviet occupation, there were rich amber jewelry-making traditions in Liepāja. Jewelry masters improved their skills in Folk Applied Art Studios. The works they created were of high quality and popular within the public.

In the large-format photographs of the photographer Andris Zēgners, amber is revealed in a new and unusual form, opening up an unknown world and revealing much new about the mystery of life and time that existed 40 million years ago and has survived in this golden sunstone to the present day.


Exhibition is open 29.07.2020.-18.10.2020.