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LAF. Palestinian film night

26.09.2020. 20.00–21.00
Kultūras nams "Wiktorija" (Graudu iela 36/38, Liepāja)

On September 26, at 8 and 10 p.m., the Liepāja Art Forum in collaboration with HIFF (Haifa Independent Film Festival) from Palestine invite attendees to discover the landscape of Palestinian cinematic art.

This special film night, which will take place at a meeting place beloved by many locals, culture house Wiktorija, will feature four films and short films created by Palestinian independent filmmakers in different genres, which will show the audience four different views on the landscape of Palestinian art, political processes and historical contexts.

The films will be shown in their original language with Latvian subtitles.

8 p.m. screening (total duration: up to 1 hour):

  • Palestine Underground. Boiler Room Documentary;
  • Strawberry.

The contents of the film are not appropriate for children. The films are suitable for persons over 16 years of age.