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LMF. Closing night of the Baltic Trail electronic music camp

28.09.2019. 22.00–03.00
Kultūras nams "Wiktorija" (Graudu iela 36/38, Liepāja)

In the last week of September, along with the Liepaja Art Forum, the city of wind will also host the "Baltic Trail" - a camp for Baltic electronic music producers, instrumentalists, vocalists and visual media artists - which returns to Latvia after a three year long break! In collaboration with the camp organisers “Dirty Deal Audio”, the night of 28 September, within the framework of Liepaja Art Forum, is dedicated to the concert performances of the Baltics’ adventurous music, highlighting recent developments in experiments with audiovisual media in a wide stylistic range - from dance rhythms to more academic expressions of electronic music and exciting video art projects. 

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