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LMF. The Child and the Spells. Fairy-tale opera performance.

28.09.2019. 12.00–13.15
Koncertzāle "Lielais dzintars", Experimental Stage (Radio iela 8, Liepāja)

Liepaja Art Forum in cooperation with the contemporary opera cycle "LULU" delights the hearts of the youngest visitors by giving a miracle in the form of an opera! On the big screen, the characters from the production of Maurice Ravel's magnificent opera "The Child and the Spells" come alive, which was staged by the French director Laurent Pelly in the prestigious 2012 Glyndebourne festival, conducted by Japanese master Kazushi Ōno. 

“I don’t want to study, I want to run outside, eat sweets and pull the cat’s tail!” - sings Child, the main character of the opera. The mother is not happy about such rebellion and locks the Child in a room, where he has to think about his actions with nothing but croutons and bitter tea, and wait alone for dinner time. The Child gets furious, tortures his toys, rips the wallpaper, breaks plates and everything in his way. But all of a sudden, all the objects come to life, scaring and schooling the rebellious Child, at the same time showing him a new world full of fantasy, where he meets singing and dancing fairy tale characters - Chair, Couch, Clock and Fire, numbers and others. 

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