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Vestards Šimkus. Concert show “Novecento”

22.09.2019. 15.00–16.00
Koncertzāle "Lielais dzintars", Chamber Hall (Radio iela 8, Liepāja)

"Novecento" concert show tells the story about the fate of an extraordinary musician, who was raised on a ship, never stepping foot on land. He plays the piano like no one else before. People around the world seek to hear this piano genius, but in order to listen to him play, one must travel across the ocean. Our outstanding pianist Vestards Šimkus will take on the role of a musician - pianist, as he is the author of this show’s music. Narrated by Kristaps Ķeselis, actor at the Latvian National Theatre.

Dmitri Petrenko, concert show director, created this performance using the motifs of the work by the world-famous Italian writer and philosopher Alessandro Baricco (1958) with the same title. Baricco explores glass castles, silk and Homer, but in his younger days he thought a lot about music and even wrote books about it. 

Typical to the Chamber Hall series PERSONALLY - meeting with the musicians after the concert, for a chance to enjoy conversations in an informal atmosphere with a cup of coffee from the sponsor "Andrito Kafijas Grauzdētava".


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