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Public events cycle "Liepāja - Latvian Capital"

27.06.2019. 18.00–19.00
Laukums pie Muitas mājas (Vecā ostmala 54, Liepāja)

All events are focused on the historical 6 months in 1919 when Latvian Provisional Government was forced to seek refuge on board the “Saratov” ship in Liepāja.


27.06.2019. 10:00 “Welcoming of “Saratov” ship in Liepāja" (celebratory procession and the performance with the re-enactment of the event)

28.06.2019. 20:00 Grand Concert "Ar prieku un gandarījumu" /With happiness and pleasure/

28.06.2019. 22:30 Open air country party 

29.06.2019. 12:00 Events for families and kids “100 years ago in Liepāja"